As seen in Legshow - April 2004:
Kate of Legshow and Juggs magazines named one of her favorites of 2003!!!! 
Updated Oct 1 2005


Mistress Belle
Hi! My name is Belle!  Or you may call me your Mistress Belle.  My site is at and I love to dress sexy especially in corsets, cinchers, stockings and or pantyhose, and high heels!  My site includes lots of leg pictures, and butt pictures, with many different picture sets varying from hardcore to facesitting, and spanking, and I enjoy the giantess fetish also.  Please come check it out sometime and please note I do carry videos on DVD or VHS so you can take me home with you! 

Oct 1 2005
Wow Wow Wow!
Mistress Belle in this Satin Paneled Panty girdle ready to be worshipped and worshipped she was that day! When she was done with this slave she mentioned that she enjoyed it so much that she was going to be looking for another to service and worship her panty girdled, hot and sexy ass! Now if i only lived closer it could be me but maybe it could be you? Check out her site there is something there for everyone and more! Of course you could always mention to her when you do that she should do more sets in this panty girdle it just looks like it was made to be worn by her and worshipped by others on her!
again thank you Mistress Belle for this hot Preview set and there is more to this set on her site!

Mistress Belle is the ultimate Mistress! When you visit her Website she will take care of all of your needs! Have you been bad? Well look out she carries a ruler for naughty boys like you in her purse! Do you like to Worship a Goddess? Well your headed to the right place as she is one of the ultimate Goddesses in looks and finesse. From her sexy long legs to her hot lingerie clad body your in for a treat! Again thank you Mistress Belle for the photo's and hope to see lots more of you here in the upcoming months if not sooner.
And i thank her so much again for this large photo set she has been so kind in sending in.
Jan 3 2005

After you see my photos here, come on over to visit my site to have a peek at what I get up to.  My tour is fun and entertaining! 
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Please thank Mistress Belle for all these sexy pictures